July 17, 2014

Summer FUN

We are only have way through summer and so far it has been action packed.  Fortunately for my kids, the key to my summer survival is keeping as busy as possible.  Busy Kids=Tired Kids=Early Bedtime=Happy Mom.  See it's a win/win for all.  Although, lately I'm thinking that maybe by having so much fun my kids won't want summer to end and will be less enthusiastic for school?!  Hmmm....Maybe I better plan some boring activities (or lack of any activities) for the remainder of the summer?  I think the more pregnant I become, the less exciting and frequent the activities will be so I wanted to cram in as much as I could while I still had the energy.  At this point I've become so lazy, I'm bribing my kids with chocolate in order to fetch items upstairs so I don't have to go myself.

In no particular order (I'm lucky I posted anything at all, so I can't expect myself to actually put anything in chronological order...Not that I can remember the order in which these events occurred....It's a bit of a blur), here's what we've been up to!  

Bahama Mama Italian Ice Treats.  Paulie's Favorite Flavor is Tiger's Blood (Clemson fan?) and Molly's is anything that will stain her tongue and/or Mommy's white pants!

Celebrating the end of soccer season at Menchie's Yogurt!  Molly's favorite part of soccer was her best buddy, Hanna, in the purple shirt.  Actually playing soccer, eh, it's overrated.

Celebrating Mommy's birthday with some Lego kits!  Yay for Legos!

And Yay for Mommy's Birthday!  Paul really out did himself this year, he and the kids made it a truly memorable day.

Swim Team!!! Paulie participated in the Cinco Ranch Otters Swim Team for his first year.  He learned freestyle and backstroke.  He practiced every weekday for roughly 8 weeks and competed in 5 swim meets.

And he won a few first place ribbons!  Truthfully, Paulie couldn't have cared less about what color ribbon he received he was just happy to get from one end to the next.  This was especially evident when in one meet he jumped into the pool and froze in the water face down scaring me half to death!  When I asked him later what happened he told me that he had to pee and that he accidentally went in the pool and he was just watching his pee.  Oh dear child?!

Golfing at Top Golf!

Playing Jumbo Jenga.  Tourney anyone?

Attending outdoor soccer camp in 80+ degree weather for five hours five days straight!  (With no complaints I might add...this is most impressive!)

Celebrating Father's Day at Torchy Taco's!

Running Marathons (Paul, not me of course).   Paul ran this marathon in Seattle with his brothers, father, and brother in law.

Going to Legoland with cousins, Abby and Zach!

Paulie was in heaven!  Legos and cousins, what more could he want?!

Pool fun at Grandma and Papa's house in Florida!  (It looks like everyone is yelling at each other, but I promise, they were having a great time!)

Building Sandcastles at Jax Beach.

Celebrating Allie's Baptism.  Can you believe we got all 7 grandkids to sit still and smile?!

Paul and I were honored to be asked to become Allie's Godparents!   Allie was a good girl the entire service and didn't cry out once even though she was awake the entire time.

I do know that this was taken at the first pool outing of the summer right before Memorial Day weekend.  The pool was a little chilly, but the kids had a great time playing once they warmed up!

Touring Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory with friends.

Meeting up with old friends at Jimmy Changas.

Pool fun in the backyard.

Visiting the giant insects at the Houston Zoo.

Visiting the dinosaur bones at Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Swim Meets!

Ice Cream Treats with Friends.

Vacation Bible School.  This was Paulie's second year and Molly's first.  I volunteered as well so it was a family affair.

Waiting for darkness to fall so we could do some sparklers!

Ok darkness, where are you?!

Good enough...Let's light some fireworks!!

July 13, 2014

Baby Izzo #3

This baby is due in five weeks and I haven't documented anything about my pregnancy!! What?!  Geez, he/she isn't even born yet and he/she is already getting the short end of the stick.  Is this what being a third child means?  Surely not.  Just because I haven't blogged doesn't mean we aren't just as thrilled for the arrival of this baby as we was the other two.  We are so excited to meet this little guy or girl.  Even more exciting is that we don't know the gender and this is the first of the three that we've waited to find out.  That's something special, right?

Since we are planning this to be our final addition to the Izzo family, making us a party of 5, I want to document a few notes about this pregnancy and baby.

* I seem to be carrying this one similar to the other two, except maybe a little further down causing more pressure (is this a sign my uterus is gonna fall out after this baby?)

* Baby #3 starting hiccuping from week 30 onward and does so several times a day.  It's a cool yet weird feeling.  A little bothersome when I'm trying to go to sleep at night.

* I remember feeling movements much earlier with this baby, possibly around 14-15 weeks.  I could feel the movements from the outside around 22 weeks.  Again, this is super cool yet weird.  Sometimes I jump after being kicked or prodded by baby.  At only 34 weeks, I'm thinking this baby is already running out of space because he/she is constantly moving.  Also, something different about this baby is the movements seem to be in different directions simultaneously.  For example, I'll feel something push downward towards my bladder while feeling a push/kick upwards towards my ribs.  Another cool thing, I swear this baby can sense Daddy cause when moving Paul can put his hand on my belly and the baby will move!  The kids get quite a kick out of feeling my belly.

* Most everyone is guessing this baby is a boy.  Mostly strangers guess this because I'm carrying out front, but they don't know that I've carried all my babies out front (as opposed to behind me? no?  I think some people carry baby weight on sides and hips).  I go through waves of thinking I'm having a boy and other times feeling like I'm having a girl, so who really knows (except the sonogram tech).  When asked, both Paulie and Molly will usually say they are hoping for a boy but occasionally Molly will say a girl.  I try not to ask them what they "want" and remind them we don't have a choice and that whatever we "get" will be a blessing!

* I've felt Braxton Hicks contractions both stronger and earlier this time around.  They used to worry me, but they are usually brought on by a full bladder or needing to drink more water.  And the doctor assures me it's just my uterus practicing since it knows full well what to do the third time around.

I'm trying to keep it positive cause I do love being pregnant but I also feel I've got to keep it real.  Especially when this one is a hormonal teenager, I need to be able to look back and remind him/her all that I went through to bring him/her into this world!  So here it goes (these ailments are new to this time around):

* Itchy skin (all over) from weeks 20 - 24
* Lovely Varicose Veins in my lower right leg and foot.  I've had the privilege of wearing a compression sock/stocking every day since week 22 til the present.  I have to say this is "oh so fun" (not really) in the TX heat!!
* Having to feel like I've gotta pee every hour of the day (this includes the middle of the night).  Again, I don't remember feeling this way with my other two babies.
* I'm a bit more crabby and irritable this time around (My husband and kids might have other words to describe my moods!)
* My weight gain isn't exactly a negative, it's just normal.  However, I have gained about 5-8 lbs more with this pregnancy compared to my other two.  I think (cause I try not to pay too close attention when the doctor tells me) I've gained 28 lbs so far.  The baby weight came off fairly quickly with the other two (more so with Molly), but since this is my third and I don't get to the gym nearly as often I'm afraid I'll never be as small as I once was before!  My pre-pregnancy clothes kind of haunted me when I went into my closet, so finally at week 28 I put them all in rubbermaid containers on the top shelves.

Pre-pregnancy I really thought I'd cherish and enjoy this last pregnancy knowing it could be my last! I'm one of those weird people who has loved being pregnant with my first two. Truthfully, I'm so tired and busy that I haven't gotten to cherish much of this pregnancy.  In fact, I'm thinking all the ailments I've had this time around is mother nature's way of saying "Aren't you glad you aren't planning to do this again?"  Or God's way of saying, "Kyra do not have any more children, you can't handle a fourth!"  I do realize and thank God every day for the blessing he has given my family and I don't take that for granted.  I am extremely grateful that this has been a healthy pregnancy so far and the baby has been healthy as well.  And I'm praying for a healthy birth and baby!!

When it's all said and done and I'm holding this precious baby in my arms I know I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!

February 23, 2014

It's a New Year! (Too bad I'm two months too late)

Hello there friend!  That's just what this here blog feels like, a long lost friend.  I'm hoping it's the kind of friend that I can let weeks, even months pass and when we meet up again it's as if we haven't missed a beat.  So let's get started shall we?!

The Izzo Family has had quite the busy fall/winter 2013.  Since we last spoke, Paulie turned 5!!!  Yes, that's right he'll be in Kindergarten in the fall.  On one hand, I simply can not believe my baby will be going to "Big Kid School".  On the other hand, I think "Geez kid, shouldn't you be starting to drive by now?".  But either way, I'm happy and extremely blessed to have spent the first 5 years of his life at home with him.

Another Chuck E. Cheese Birthday!

Happy 5 Years!!

Next up.....Paul and I took a trip to NYC for the New York Marathon in which Paul was running!  It was great to be back in the city and hit up all our hot spots.  This picture was taken circa 2005 from our apartment which overlooked the Queensboro bridge.  We could stick our head out our window and see the marathoners coming off the bridge to head up (or maybe it was down at the time) 1st avenue.  It was always much to crowded to walk up to 1st to cheer on the crazy people so we settled for watching them out our window thinking, "Who the hell would want to do such a thing as run 26 miles?".  Crazy people, I guess.

Well paint him blue and call him crazy cause this guy counted the New York Marathon as his favorite of six completed marathons!

Still with me?  Good cause my memory is fading and I'm forgetting what was the next big thing in 2013.  Ok, let's skip ahead a few weeks to Thanksgiving!  My brother and dad came to Katy, TX this Thanksgiving to celebrate TX style.  And by TX style I mean nothing more than Thanksgiving is celebrated in 60-70 degree weather.  It was nice of them to make the trek and I think my dad really enjoyed himself.  This trip was the first time in over 33 years that my dad was on an airplane!  

I love this picture because both my dad and Molly are making silly faces.  You can totally tell they are related...Goof balls!

Paulie and Pop-pop on the Zoo Train!

This girl is full of silly faces!  Molly and Uncle E.

The day my Dad and brother left, Paul's mom (aka Grandma) came to visit and watch the kids while Paul and I went to Las Vegas!  We were celebrating the 40th birthday of a friend of ours.  When the parents are away (without the kids), the parents do play!

When we returned, it was back to business!  And by back to business, I mean Christmas season!  What can I say, Christmas came and went with a blink of an eye.  Lots of planning went into the kid's biggest Santa request....A swing set!  Two little (not so much little) elves showed up at 7am Christmas morning to start assembling the much-talked about swing set.  We had a very blessed Christmas 2013!!

Paulie attended his fourth and last Child's Play Christmas Program (sniff, sniff)

This was Molly's second year.  Look at her watching her friend cry!  She is so concerned with him and wondering why he is so upset.  One thing my kids are not and that is shy!

Cookies and lemonade always follows the Christmas Program!  Molly is always confused when we show up at school in the middle of the day.

Paulie's main concern is how many cookies he is going to eat and which kind he wants.

A family tradition!  Staying up past bedtime and watching the stars in our bounce house with blankets, pillows, hot chocolate, and popcorn.  Fun times! (By the way, the hot chocolate was a first and a last!  Hot chocolate + bounce house = Sticky Mess!)

Another tradition (not so original)...Making Sugar Cookies (aka making a mess and stepping in sprinkles for weeks on end!).  Yum, those cookies were so worth the mess. 

This is a very thought out process....(by yours truly, the others just show up to the party!)

Ain't no Christmas without a trip to see Santa at the local Bass Pro Shop...ya'll!

Christmas Morning!!! Woot....Woot...

And the aftermath....

Time to take everything out of it's box and put it together...Like right now!!

Speaking of putting together....Ta Da!  Thank you Santa's Elves!

All this little girls wants to do, EVER, is swing!  And two months later she's not better at swinging on her own than on day one.  "Mommy push me.  No I want Daddy to push me!"

A few days after Christmas we travelled to Jacksonville, FL to see the Milkes and Izzo families.  It's always nice to spend the holidays with family and the kiddos love spending time with their cousins Abby, Zach, Anna, and Emma!  This Christmas was extra special because we not only got to meet baby Anna Jane for the first time but it was also her baptism!  Paul and I were honored to have been asked to be Anna's Godparents.

Looking through all my pictures from this trip, I just realized I don't have any pictures of Anna's baptism!  I've got to go digging cause I know someone took some great pictures.  Anna was so sweet and couldn't have been a better baby at her baptism.  If she wasn't sleeping she was all smiles!  Seriously, I don't know if I ever heard her cry the entire time we were in Jax.

Okay, time to speed things up to the grand finale....Molly started dance lessons in the fall and couldn't be cuter in her leotard and ballet/tap shoes.  Although, we can no longer let her see us through the window or else she stops what she is doing in class and yells, "MOM, TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!". Wait did I say yell?  I meant she demands very, very loudly.  It's hilarious really, but I don't want to encourage her.

These are pretty much what all my pictures of her look like...Sneak attack phone pictures through the semi-opened blinds!

Paulie started basketball this winter and it is hands down my favorite sport of his to watch!  Even though he is on a team with 3 1/2 year olds and he's a head taller than all of them, he's so darn cute.  I am always very amused watching my kids do things, but this one takes the cake!  

Paul completed his seventh marathon (4th Houston marathon)

Just last week, Paul and Paulie joined Brian and Zach in Breckenridge, CO for a boys ski trip.  It was Paulie's first time and he was signed up for two days of ski school.  He had a blast and did a great job skiing.  He rode the lift (with Paul) and skied down the mountain four times!  Paulie not only got to see Zach, but also Amy, Abby, and Anna  as they were snowed in and their trip home to JAX was delayed.

Don't feel bad for Molly and I, we weren't left at home.  The two of us travelled to Apex, NC to visit my mom and grandma for the week.  We left a day early as to avoid the snow storm that was expected to hit NC.  We arrived just in time because the day after we were met with several inches of snow!  Molly had great fun playing in the snow and demanding that Nana and I build "another snowman".  I think we had a whole village of miniature snowmen and women!  (I don't have my phone pictures uploaded yet, so I only have one pic....It's a good one!)

And for the GRAND FINALE.....

Drum roll!

We are expecting our third blessing in August!!  We will become a family of five by the end of this summer.  As a friend said to me, we'll be moving from a man-on-man defense to a zone defense!