September 11, 2014

Baby Jacob - 2 weeks

Happy 2 weeks my sweet baby boy!  Since Jacob is technically not yet 3 weeks, I'm not too late in posting his 2 weeks stats.  He will be 3 weeks tomorrow and it's been 3 weeks of pure joy.  Jacob is such a good natured little baby and he is such a blessing to all of us.  Molly continues to be a "hands-on" sister and quite the little helper.  She has also become even more dramatic (if that is possible) and has the same hysterical cry regardless of whether her big brother hit her or I've told her she can't have ice cream at 9am in the morning.  But back to Jacob....Molly, Jacob, and I went to his 2 week checkup last Friday and my goodness, had he grown?!

2 week stats
22 inches - 97th percentile
9 lbs - 65th percentile
not sure about his head measurements, I'm just relieved it's no longer cone shaped

Jacob also had his first photo shoot, so posh, at just 6 days old.  He was a champ!  A friend of mine gifted me with some newborn pictures as well as a few sibling shots and they turned out beautiful.  (After yelling at Paulie 20 mins before this was taken, my mom asked me why I subject myself to the stress of pictures....well, because this is why! They turn out so awesomely beautiful.) 

August 30, 2014

It's a BOY!!!

There have been a lot of life events happening in the Izzo household in the last week.  Paulie started Kindergarten this past Monday and baby Izzo was yet to make an appearance on his due date last Tuesday, August 19th.  For many reasons we decided to evict the baby on Friday, August 22nd.  1) I did not want to miss Paulie's first day of Kindergarten and risk going into labor the day before (I know this is selfish, but I'm convinced baby was healthy and ready) 2) We thought it would be such a blessing to welcome the arrival of our little one on the day when Paul's beloved Grandma Hickey was being laid to rest.  We knew Grandma would be up in heaven talking with St. Gerard praying for a healthy, happy delivery AND her prayers are always much appreciated.  She always prayed to St. Gerard for all of her Great Grand Babies!

We went to the hospital at 5:30 am on Friday, August 22nd and got the last open labor and delivery room on the ward!  After some wedding ring drama (inside info, long story, not important), the nurse started IV and pitocin at 7:30 am and my doctor broke my water soon after.  As with Paulie, baby Izzo #3 wasn't loving the pitocin so it was touch and go all day.  Not know whether I wanted to do an epidural when I first arrived at the hospital was soon changed to definitely wanting an epidural...NO around noon.  Not a lot of progress was made in the early afternoon because once the pitocin was increased and contractions were stronger and more frequent thus causing cervix to dialate, baby's HR would go down.  So they had to back off the pitocin and progress was stalled if not some regress.  It was a yo-yo effect for most of the morning and early afternoon.  To add to the drama, baby's head was at an angle and his crown was not bearing down on my cervix.  My doctor had tried to reposition baby several times, but baby didn't like it nor would he move.  Some scares and some oxygen for Mama were administered.  Lots of Holy Marys, Prayers, and conversations with Grandma Hickey ensued.  My doctor was amazing and a true blessing, she knew what she was doing that was for sure!  She was a calming force and spent many hours sitting with us in the room, chatting, monitoring baby, me, and waiting....Key word: Waiting!  At this point, there wasn't much question in my mind that I was having a BOY.  Every nurse who we talked to said that boy babies always caused the most trouble and that they would bet money that we were having a baby boy.  After turning off the epidural to gain enough feeling back to feel my legs and contractions (this took 2 hours!!), it was go time!  At 9:15 and only 9cm dialated the doctor told me it's time to start pushing with the contractions.  It was either deliver at 9cm or I'd had to have a C-section.  There was no way I was gonna have a C section after laboring ALL. DAY. LONG.  Three contractions later and some very, very, VERY hard pushing.....

Baby Jacob Thomas Izzo was born at 9:56pm, 7lbs 10oz, 21 inches long.

He came out crying and they announced "It's a boy" at which point I was too exhausted to register, I was just happy to hear a crying baby!! 

He was a natural nurser and latched on almost immediately and proceeded to nurse for 2 hours!  He didn't really eat the whole time, but I was just enjoying the bonding time (I guess he was too!).  After all day of hard work on both our parts, I figured we deserved two hours together.  GOD is Good, he gave me a healthy, baby BOY!

Proud Papa!  Holding his second born baby boy for the first time.  You can't tell by the photo but Jacob was awake and looking right into his father's eyes.

Jacob's first bath was in our room.

He didn't love getting wet or cold...Who can blame him?

The next morning.  Tired Mommy and tired baby.

First visit from Big Brother and Big Sister!!

 T-I-G-E-R-S!!! Clemson's littlest Tiger!  
The hat and blanket were knitted by Jacob's 96 year old great grandmother.


Jacob meeting Nana for the first time!

And his big brother and sister...They are so amazed at how small he is!

Jacob almost always had his hands over or near his face during my ultrasounds, so naturally he likes to pull his hands out of his burrito to comfort himself!

Time to go home!  Two things take be by surprise in this picture....1) The enormity of that pacifier 2) The tininess of baby Jacob in the carseat.....The funny face of Molly does not surprise me!

Wait....We can't leave without a ride on Mommy's hospital bed!

Oh and the infamous leaving the hospital in a wheelchair photo...What this isn't the norm?  (Who let me leave looking like this?  I'm surprised the nurse didn't wheel me back into the hospital.  "Dang Girl, you are a mess!")

Holding baby Jacob.  Molly loves to hold Jacob and he seems to enjoy being held!

Paulie was a little more apprehensive, but gentle still.

She takes "hold his head" very seriously!

 Whoa Jacob, welcome to TX!...Where it's legal to carry concealed weapons....Put those guns away Daddy!

Daddy's in Heaven!

Buddha Baby....Jacob is finding his inner chi!

 Counting all ten toes, while Paulie is showing Jacob his stuffed bunny rabbit.

Molly and Paulie are great siblings to Jacob and he's one lucky baby!  Molly has been a huge help this past week, getting diapers, vaseline, wipes for diaper changes.  And she is great at checking for dirty diapers!  Although, she tells me she has to be 7 years old before she can change diapers....Darn, those Siblings Classes taught her nothing?!  And if she had it her way Jacob would be sucking on a pacifier 24/7 and he wouldn't need to eat.  She tells me, "Don't feed him."  Hmmmm....

And last but not least....Paulie's first day of Kindergarten!  

Paulie started Kindergarten the day after I came home from the hospital, Monday, August 25th (Pop-pop's birthday).  He sure was a trooper and was nothing but excited for his big adventure!  Paul, Molly, and I both walked him into school and to his classroom.  I was a little emotional leaving him, but I tried not to think too much about it as I was a hormonal mess!  His Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Munford, seems super nice and has been teaching for many years so I trust her whole heartedly with my first baby boy! 

He wouldn't give me a kiss (WHAT?!), so I settled for a hug and pic.


July 17, 2014

Summer FUN

We are only have way through summer and so far it has been action packed.  Fortunately for my kids, the key to my summer survival is keeping as busy as possible.  Busy Kids=Tired Kids=Early Bedtime=Happy Mom.  See it's a win/win for all.  Although, lately I'm thinking that maybe by having so much fun my kids won't want summer to end and will be less enthusiastic for school?!  Hmmm....Maybe I better plan some boring activities (or lack of any activities) for the remainder of the summer?  I think the more pregnant I become, the less exciting and frequent the activities will be so I wanted to cram in as much as I could while I still had the energy.  At this point I've become so lazy, I'm bribing my kids with chocolate in order to fetch items upstairs so I don't have to go myself.

In no particular order (I'm lucky I posted anything at all, so I can't expect myself to actually put anything in chronological order...Not that I can remember the order in which these events occurred....It's a bit of a blur), here's what we've been up to!  

Bahama Mama Italian Ice Treats.  Paulie's Favorite Flavor is Tiger's Blood (Clemson fan?) and Molly's is anything that will stain her tongue and/or Mommy's white pants!

Celebrating the end of soccer season at Menchie's Yogurt!  Molly's favorite part of soccer was her best buddy, Hanna, in the purple shirt.  Actually playing soccer, eh, it's overrated.

Celebrating Mommy's birthday with some Lego kits!  Yay for Legos!

And Yay for Mommy's Birthday!  Paul really out did himself this year, he and the kids made it a truly memorable day.

Swim Team!!! Paulie participated in the Cinco Ranch Otters Swim Team for his first year.  He learned freestyle and backstroke.  He practiced every weekday for roughly 8 weeks and competed in 5 swim meets.

And he won a few first place ribbons!  Truthfully, Paulie couldn't have cared less about what color ribbon he received he was just happy to get from one end to the next.  This was especially evident when in one meet he jumped into the pool and froze in the water face down scaring me half to death!  When I asked him later what happened he told me that he had to pee and that he accidentally went in the pool and he was just watching his pee.  Oh dear child?!

Golfing at Top Golf!

Playing Jumbo Jenga.  Tourney anyone?

Attending outdoor soccer camp in 80+ degree weather for five hours five days straight!  (With no complaints I might add...this is most impressive!)

Celebrating Father's Day at Torchy Taco's!

Running Marathons (Paul, not me of course).   Paul ran this marathon in Seattle with his brothers, father, and brother in law.

Going to Legoland with cousins, Abby and Zach!

Paulie was in heaven!  Legos and cousins, what more could he want?!

Pool fun at Grandma and Papa's house in Florida!  (It looks like everyone is yelling at each other, but I promise, they were having a great time!)

Building Sandcastles at Jax Beach.

Celebrating Allie's Baptism.  Can you believe we got all 7 grandkids to sit still and smile?!

Paul and I were honored to be asked to become Allie's Godparents!   Allie was a good girl the entire service and didn't cry out once even though she was awake the entire time.

I do know that this was taken at the first pool outing of the summer right before Memorial Day weekend.  The pool was a little chilly, but the kids had a great time playing once they warmed up!

Touring Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory with friends.

Meeting up with old friends at Jimmy Changas.

Pool fun in the backyard.

Visiting the giant insects at the Houston Zoo.

Visiting the dinosaur bones at Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Swim Meets!

Ice Cream Treats with Friends.

Vacation Bible School.  This was Paulie's second year and Molly's first.  I volunteered as well so it was a family affair.

Waiting for darkness to fall so we could do some sparklers!

Ok darkness, where are you?!

Good enough...Let's light some fireworks!!